Hsuan Sha's Guiding and Aiding Living Beings

Another koan has been added. In this, we take a quick look into the 88th case in the Blue Cliff Record. In this case, Hsuan Sha asks (paraphrased) How can we teach those who are blind or deaf or mute?
How can one come to understanding without these senses? Isn't that the point? I personally found something good in this case. I hope you do as well.

Tokusan's Bowl koan has been added

I have added the koan "Tokusan's Bowl" to this site's list of koans. This one came word-for-word from page 27 of the book "afterzen" by Janwillem van de Wetering. This isn't one of the most action packed or super interesting koans, but I think it is very important as it is pretty much the basis of understanding and living in the moment. Remember the cornerstone of Buddhist philosophy is that there is no past or future. Now to put a finer point on it, there is a past and future but do they exist? right now? this moment? Think about it.

Zen Section is Up

I've made some modifications to the site. I've removed Guitar as I've not been populating that section. I still have the gear and will play again some day, but I'm not too into it at the moment to be adding content. I've pruned sections and added some as well. The new Zen section is up. This is where I intend to showcase favorite koans, poems, haiku, and any other related material. It's a nice one-stop-shop for me to quickly find these things I like, but hopefully it has a benefit to you as well.