Python is my current favorite language. Just like a good toolbox, there is a right tool for a job. Sometimes, there is an even better tool than that. Python really shines for me when coupled with AutoHotKey. The combination is fantastic. I use Python in two ways that are important to me. The first is that it lets be sit back and just create. I've made a lot of 'dumb little games', but they were great learning experiences and just provided some nice hobby time. The second improves my efficiency at work. I am highly organized and like to use shortcuts, scripts, or any tool that allows me to access compartmentalized data or work spaces. Python lets me do just that.

Take a look at some of the code and syntax. I will try to post good examples that will help you or anyone else do specific tasks. I have a Python file that I've named my 'Ultimate Library'. It's not a script/program that will actually run. Instead it's just a nicely organized list of subjects and examples that one may encounter when attempting to accomplish something in Python.

Enjoy. I hope you will like working with this language as much as I do.