Today Was Splendid

I had awoken and thanked the Lord for the beautiful day.
The air was clean and the neighborhood peaceful.
Mother made breakfast. It was delicious and I did not overeat.
A lady called and we had arranged an evening tryst.

I contemplated the brevity of life
then drove away in my motor carriage.
Its canopy has been removed
and the carriage has been modified to ride low to the ground

As I obey traffic laws, I noticed the absence of evil doers.
I received a call from Kim who is rather promiscuous.

I called upon my friends to ascertain where they will be participating in sports.
I'm rather good at sports. I performed beyond even my own expectations last week.
I would compare myself to one of the top performing sports participants.

I decided to return to my home to bathe.
My trip to my house was uncontested.
I recall the day prior, I was accosted.
A local constable drove by but failed to notice
that I had broken a traffic ordinance.

I then traveled to my friend's house and we enjoyed the
musical arts on his television.
There were many friends and they were playing chance cubes.
It seems I was also very good at parlor games.
I received a handsome sum of money as a reward.
We played a different game and I was amazing at that as well.

I was informed that nobody from my town had perished.

I had acquired large sums of monetary winnings from the parlor games

I proffered a ride to an attractive former classmate
Irony befell us as I possessed libations while she contributed dried leaves for smoking
A local sports team had won a contest over another sports team
I indulged in feeling of her larger-than-normal posterior
After doffing our duds, we had copulated
I am blessed with a larger-than-normal member
Exhausted from activity, she slumbered
but had awakened at the first hour of the new day
She bequeathed to me a new moniker of 'Top Gun'

After transporting the lady to her domicile, I traveled some more
I enjoyed the libations and tested some of my vehicular modifications
I was overjoyed that today was going my way
Upon leaving the lady's property, I over-torqued my wheels causing a high-pitched sound

This was not unlike a splendid dream
There were no constables attempting to detain me
There were no whirly-birds searching for murder most foul

Upon the second hour of the day, I indulged in a large beef patty sandwich
A dirigible was decorated in lights
A sign upon it proclaimed that I was a proprietor of red-light misdeeds

I became ill due to the libations, though I did not produce any sick
Nearly to my abode, people are attempting to contact me
I did not discharge my carbine
Today was splendid