The Sequel

A second book is in progress. I'm writing a collection of short stories set in the universe of my first novel. I'm starting with the first part: Horace. Dedication and discipline will get this book out faster than the first. I hope to take my time and enjoy the process without having you wait too long.

Further news and update to be continued.


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Chapter 1 - Horace
This is completed, save for a final editing run through. I'm really happy about the start of this story.

Chapter 2 - Cole
Cole is interesting. There is a delay as I have to go through my first book and take notes. I want to avoid any inconsistencies. This is mostly about Cole, but I want to bring Sebet Idimmu to the forefront of Cole's story. I think that is a really interesting coupling of character and character/object. This probably will have a tie in to the Council of Nine and the 'things beyond the door'.

This is slow going because I'm lazy. I like killing time in the most unproductive ways possible. I'm hoping to turn some of this around. I have no idea if anyone is waiting for this or craving the next story. I hope someone is, but I've not received any feedback on the first book so there's that.