The Lake

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This story had a strange beginning. It started as one of those ideas that hit you like a bolt to the face. It had been raining a lot lately. My place of employment is a short jaunt away from Lake Michigan. On some particularly wet days, you can smell the lake. Sometimes it isn't very pleasant. Originally, the idea that hit me was a creature came out of Lake Michigan, decided to take up residence in the warehouse and what? It eats people? A worker feeds it? That idea was cheesy camp reminiscent of "Tales From the Crypt". Nothing wrong with that. I still had the need to write something a bit corny, only not to that degree.

I had even created a character called Herman. Then there was a security guard with the surname of Heinz. In real life, and shortly after naming these two characters, I came across a real name "Herman Heinzkraft". You have got to be kidding me! How does that happen? The only syllable I didn't name was 'kraft'. Kraft, kraft. Lovecraft! The idea hit.

I removed all names all together. I moved it to a first person, past tense narrative all in the style of Lovecraft. I finally have a contribution to the fan fiction section of his Mythos. You can't force inspiration. I waited patiently and finally I can join the Mythos. I hope you like this piece. I may decide to revise it a bit more. I rushed to get it here as I was so excited.

Again, enjoy!

The Lake
(C) Copyright May 16th 2017