Zen Section is Up

I've made some modifications to the site. I've removed Guitar as I've not been populating that section. I still have the gear and will play again some day, but I'm not too into it at the moment to be adding content. I've pruned sections and added some as well. The new Zen section is up. This is where I intend to showcase favorite koans, poems, haiku, and any other related material. It's a nice one-stop-shop for me to quickly find these things I like, but hopefully it has a benefit to you as well.

Alternate Reasons Why Masks are Great

I found wearing these face masks not only help prevent the spread of COVID, they also provide many other great benefits.

1. You can sing in your car and nobody will ever know.
2. Or talk to your self in secret
3. Wear "nose tampons" when it won't stop running. Anywhere.
4. Make a funny face. Careful, the rest of the face can give this away.
5. Ninja for a day
6. Kind of nice and warm in the cold weather.

That's what I get out of it. I wonder if there are any more?

Some Minor Changes are Coming to the Site

I had some trouble where the site got hacked. Thankfully, the great help over at HotDrupal has put the site back on track. I'm going to remove some sections that I'm just not using and maybe add one or two. Mostly, this site is just for me. It's to keep current with how this all works and to carve out my own little space on the internet. Knowing that anything I put out here is really out here. So feel free to enjoy the site as a visitor.