When Watchers Ascend - Next Book Progress Report

As you may have read on my Writing section, I'm working on a second book. I'm writing short stories about the main characters of When Watchers Ascend. These stories will be told in the past, earlier in the timeline before the first book. These backstories are meant to expand on these characters and just have fun with them. I've just completed a rough draft of Horace. I'm glad I started with him. He wasn't my favorite character, but after writing about him I like him a lot more. I really enjoyed telling Horace's back story. When I go into the edit phase, I'll take time to really flesh him out. The rough draft needs work. I think I will work on each short story until they are polished and ready before moving to the next.

I'm really enjoying this and hope to have a completed second book soon. By soon, I mean a few years. Face it, I'm lazy. I also want to do this work justice. I'll keep posting updates here. If I ever figure out how to let people log onto my site and comment, I'd welcome it. In the meantime, I'm splitting my time in many activities.