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Get Rid of Pesky Temp Files with Python!

By running this little program, you can remove your temp files fast. I found mine were very clogged. Instead of double clicking the .py file, try scheduling it to run with MS Task Scheduler. Keep that folder clean!

I'm not attaching the code today. I'm just going to paste it here. Python wants tabs/spaces 'just so'. Make sure you match your patterns. This one is on a 'four space' indent.

bn.net Has Moved to a New Host!

I'm happy to announce billnapier.net, and my wife's dawnsdarktreasures.com, have moved to HotDrupal. I asked around on a Drupal group on Facebook. I received a lot of great responses. I chose to jump right in to HotDrupal as they had decent prices and have the servers tweaked to run Drupal. We moved away from Smarterasp.net as a host. They had a catastrophic failure of some type. Both of our sites were completely wrecked. What was terrible about it was the fact that I was almost finished adding content to both sites.

The Site Is Growing!

More content is being added periodically. I have most of my Python page loaded. There may be some rogue scripts that slipped through my fingers. When I find them, I'll post them. I'll start on batch loading something else soon. The front page is coming along nicely. I have featured my newest flash fiction "The Lake". Please take a look. It's an amateur attempt at Lovecraft's Mythos, but I just cranked it out in sessions during lunch. Even so, it's fun. Lovecraft had many stories and he had created several well recognized types.