Y Search

Get the Program!

This works much like the G Search (Google Search) program. This searches You Tube from the comfort of a pop up message box. I don't have the same issue with You Tube, but it was nice to use AutoHotKey to call up this script and have a super quick video search.

I guess the only issue I have with Youtube is how Google ruined it. Aspects of Google are awesome, but their purchase of YT long ago is still terrible. I miss the old YT. A little script like this can't fix that. But there is hope. One of the issues with YT is the ads. Run YT through a browser called Ghostery. I run Ghostery on my phone and view YT through that and not the native app. I never see an ad. Playing YT on a PS4 is different. You do get ads but you just hit the O button and then X again. The ad may still be there. Repeat O and X until your video plays. That's a handy ad skip technique until they patch that too.