Get the Program!

This is the biggest contribution to my efficiency at work. I use a lot, I mean A LOT, of scripts and macros. I do this because I do a lot of different things and I'm highly organized. My little shortcuts help me get to my data or fire up a layout or workspace as needed. This allows me to be very nimble and get to things ASAP. I run a at the beginning of the day and an at the end of the day. Start simply loads up all of my day's scripts whether it is Python or Autohotkey or simply firing up a program. I looked over it really quick and didn't see any sensitive information. I hope this gives you a good example how to run one of these yourself. Just go to work, fire up the and be productive. There really isn't a need for as you can just shut off your PC, but this does show you how to kill processes through PY script. Side Note: I didn't include it in my Python page, but I have a script that goes out and looks for certain shortcuts on my desktop. loads it. If it finds them, it deletes them. They come back about once per hour so this watchdog script constantly looks for them. Our IT department decided to "Try and Help" by sticking these things on my desktop. I like a clean desktop and reported it as a bug, but to no effect. It's here to stay. (see G Search on how Google and other entities try and help with dismal results.)