G Search

Get the Program!

This is my solution to the Google problem. Programmers, companies, robotic phone support, and the like can sometimes make your life miserable. They do this in the disguise of "better assisting you". Google started an auto complete feature that many love. I'm not one of them. I can't stand it. I love Google, but would like to turn that feature off. The feature is distracting to me. I will go to Google and have something in mind. By the time I start clicking away at the keyboard, the auto complete distracts me. It can make me forget why I went there.

If you search how to turn it off, supposedly you can simply turn it off in Google's options. They would be incorrect. You can turn it off, but it doesn't listen. It does what it wants. I've spent a few rounds in the ring with this problem and solved it each time. The solution held until Google patched it. All I can think of is Arnold's line in True Lies "Stop Cheering Me Up!". I always think of him saying instead "Stop Helping Me Out!".

Well I fixed it. This is a distraction free method of performing a Google search. Simply put your query in the message box. The script appends it to Google's search syntax and runs that URL. This doesn't work if you perform a search using a special character such as a quotation mark, but it works for all text searches.

Try it out.